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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

And now for something entirely different...

Last year, a colleague suggested that while I have a bit of time off from theatre and with work being a bit slow, this would be a good time to figure out what I really want to get out of life and come up with a life list. So, I thought about it. Life is short, and there is a lot I want to do. So, I compiled a life list, and for the past year or so, it's been sitting in my purse... it's a folded up piece of paper with notes on it that I've added to and crossed things out several times. Now, it's time to publish it publically, in case I ever lose that piece of paper, this exists somewhere out there as a reminder to me of what I want to do.

 A few trends that stood out were that I really want to travel. A lot. And there is a lot that I want to do simply for myself. Entirely selfish, maybe even vain, but things that would fulfill a goal or dream. Besides, it's my life, being selfish is extremely difficult for me, and well, why the hell not?!? Some of the items will also have a bit of a description under them. Call it an explanation, a justification, or some clarification... whatever. Just a few notes.

So without further ado, Brittiani's Life List:

1. Drink wine in Napa Valley, California

2. Walk inside of a castle

3. See a play I wrote being performed

4. Write a book/novel

5. Pay off my student loans and throw a big-ass party
        The way I see it, my student loans are ridiculous, and perhaps will never be paid off, or I will be somewhere in my mid to late 50s when they are paid off. And since that will yield a lot of extra $$ in my pocket a month, I think that money would be better spent by hosting a fairly epic party... even if I'm old!

6. Meet a legit celebrity

7. Be a lead actress in a play that depends on me not sucking

8. Run a 5k

9. Wear a bikini and feel ok in it
          I added that last little bit b/c I could put on a bikini now, but believe me, no one wants to see that! I don't ever expect myself to be skinny enough to buy a bikini and strut my hot self around in it. But to put one on and at least feel confident enough to walk into public with it on, would be nice.

10. Be a mommy

11. Be an educator

12. Swim with a dolphin

13. Learn archery

14. Fly first class

15. Order room service

16. Get a tattoo
           This is one of those things that I know what I want, where (for the most part) I want it. I just haven't quite worked up the nerve to do it. Was going to do it for my 30th birthday, but was talked into buying a piece of jewelry instead. I'm a big wimp!

17. Travel to:
       Vatican City
       New Zealand
       Nova Scotia
       San Francisco

18. Do a photo shoot for fun
              The first thing I can cross off my list! Was able to do a pinup shoot w/ a girl friend last summer. Had a blast! Would love to do that again!

19. Read more

20. Impact someone's life in a way that they are changed forever, preferably in a good way...

21. Go parasailing

22. Stand up for a cause
            It's not that I don't support causes or groups or organizations. I do. Wholeheartedly. However, I've never been to a protest, never held a sign supporting or against anything, or never took direct action. Case in point, when Westboro Baptist Church was planning on coming to Chardon to the funeral of the kid who died in the school shooting there in February, I really wanted to be part of the group that blocked them from the church. But I didn't go. I felt that being at work was more important. And I wish I did. I wanted to go to Occupy Youngstown. Never did. So, one day, I want to do something more than wish people luck. I want to give money, participate, write letters, be obnoxious. Be strong! Be a part of something bigger than myself!

23. Go to NASA

24. Be in a movie... again!
            In February, I got offered a part in a movie being shot in Youngstown. A decent part, nonetheless. Definitely a supporting role. Click here for the preview (but if you don't do horror movies or goriness, or if kids are around, this is not for you). It was a really interesting experience. Very different from live stage. Filmed the whole thing in 24 hours, and for the 18+ hours I was on-set, it was cold, exhausting, and very surreal. Like, we couldn't go out in public dressed as we were, so you had no idea what was going on in the rest of the world. So, WWIII could have started and I would have had no idea. It was a really cool experience I would like to do again.

25. Take a cruise

26. Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans

27. Ride in a hot air balloon

28. Have a spa day complete with a massage, facial, manicure, and pedicure
             I got my first massage as a birthday gift and it was the best thing I could have done for myself. I have a gift certificate I got for Christmas for a pedicure but I haven't used it yet (I have no good reason why...). But I would like to spend a day being a pampered lady. That would be nice.

29. See the aurora borealis

30. Go to Alcatraz

31. Go to the redwood forest in California

32. See the pyramids of Giza, Egypt

33. Watch a sunrise and a sunset on the same day, and not through the windshield of my car during my daily commute

34. Go to a non-work-related conference or convention

35. Sing a solo on stage and not suck

36. Learn American Sign Language better than I do now
             At this point, I know most of the letters. I know some words. But I'd like to actually be able to sign in conversation.

37. Tell Mrs. Milford how much she meant to me
             Mrs. Milford was my choir teacher for 4 years of high school. I don't think we got along well in the beginning. I was irresponsible and she would expect a lot out of you and I just didn't feel like giving it. However, as I got into the middle of my junior year and through my senior year, she grew to like me, and me her. I would do extra-curricular things with her and for her. I learned a lot from her, like how to sight read music, sing with my diaphragm, harmonize, and be flexible as a singer. However, it wasn't until I was in college for a while did I realize that she was not just teaching you how to be a better singer, but was prepping you for life. Learning responsibility, respect, flexibility, patience, and that first impressions are not entirely accurate are lessons that have filtered throughout my life as an adult. I appreciate her.

38. Speak publically in front of 100 people
              I figure start small here. It's not that I'm afraid to speak in public, but to do so to large groups would be such an adrenaline rush... so I'm starting w/ 100 and going up! :)

39. Keep dancing

40. Have dinner in a restaraunt that overlooks a city or other site

41. Dance on a beach

42. Do the food and wine celebration event at EPCOT

43. "Drink around the world" at EPCOT
             Essentially, have an alcoholic beverage at every country represented at EPCOT, which is my favorite place on earth!

44. Meet a celebrity on my "get out of marriage free" list
              I have a few celebrities that my husband will let me "get out of marriage free" for.

45. Get my Ph.D. or Ed.D.

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