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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weigh-in #6

Greetings Everyone,

I have officially embarked on this adventure now for nearly 2 full months and have been weighing myself for 6 weeks. At this point, it's definitely worth looking at some of my successes and lack thereof.

This week's weigh in, I lost .5 lbs. Still disappointing b/c I've spent 2 weeks now where I have not met my goal of 1 lb. a week. This brings my total to 15 lbs. in 6 weeks. And this is where in the past other diets have stopped. Mostly, I would do them for about 6 weeks and then give up. Perhaps this is why I feel I'm hitting a wall of un-motivation. For example, yesterday my husband and I fully intended to use shovelling our driveway (we have a pretty good sized driveway. Both of us shovelling it would take us an hour) as our exercise. We got up when we said we would (roughly), ate an appropriate breakfast for doing a physical activity like that, and decided that we would let the weather warm up a bit and shovel in the afternoon. So, as also intended, we ran to a furniture store and came back home, and somewhere in the middle decided to go up to the wineries that are about an hour north of us. So, no shovelling. I ate well despite being out and about. The worst thing I had was a few slices of a baguette (which was totally necessary to absorb some of the wine I was drinking)... and of course, consuming several glasses of wine...

Today, we fully intended to shovel the driveway... again. Got up at a good time, ate breakfast, and then the hubby got sick. Obviously, a sick hubby wasn't shovelling the driveway and while I am not against doing it myself, I tended to him. Ran some errands, got him what he needed to feel better... no shovelling. Ended up doing a late dinner b/c the NASCAR race was on... and now I'm here at nearly 9:30 in the evening... no exercise for the weekend... no shovelling, no using the Kinect. Nothing.

I am disappointed in myself. I am disappointed that our society makes it sooooo much easier to be a fat kid in life than being healthy. But I cannot change society, only myself. I was so motivated by the losses of earlier that these minimal losses are really kind of discouraging. But it's my fault. If I'm not working out like I should or monitoring as closely what I am eating, then I'm not going to live up to my goals. I am proud of what I accomplished thus far, but there is still much work to be done. Here's to another week to get it right again....

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