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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 11: Break on Through to the Other Side

Hello Readers:

Been meaning to write all week, but have been very busy with work and other life stuff. The beginning of this week has been a struggle. As I completed the first full week of my new life, I ended it feeling not as peppy as I expected. Monday, I took a Zumba class for the first time. And it kicked my ass! First off, it was WAAYY more intense than the other workouts I've been doing at home. I thought I would have liked it more than I did, given my background in dance and such. Believe me, it's not that I didn't like it. I did. It was just an ass-whooping! And I was completely drained Monday after it. Tuesday, I was expecting to be sore as hell. I was not, surprisingly. But instead, I was entirely exhausted. I think a lot of it was that I did not consume enough calories on Monday to make up for what I burned off in Zumba. *Note to self: Eat well on days I do Zumba... live and learn, I guess* So I spent Tuesday soooo tired, grumpy, and feeling generally crappy. Not to mention, b/c of things w/ work and life, I was very stressed. So it was a bad day. :(

Yesterday, I felt a little better. Still stressed about things, but better. However, I felt the best all day after I worked out at 9:00. I didn't even do that much... just some cardio boxing classes on the Your Shape for Kinect and a few gym games to cool down, but afterwards I felt perkier than I had in days. Today, I feel great, actually. I've had a lot of energy today and feel pretty good about things... maybe I've had my break-through of all the hard stuff and can move on. :)

Things I've learned over the past week:

- Cracker Barrell = not the best place to go on a diet. Carb City there!!!! I had 1 biscuit (a significant cut down from the number of biscuits I usually eat there...), and it felt like a rock hitting my stomach.

- I like Applebee's low-fat menu. Had a fajita there last week which was delicious. This week, we went to finish off our gift card, and tried their under 550 calories menu. I had a 7 oz. steak with shrimp and a light creamy sauce, with a bruschetta topping, a few roasted potato slices, and a broccoli. It was wonderful. I was also quiet full when all was said and done.

- Since I've started all of this, I haven't noticed that I've lost any weight yet (unfortunately...), but I've noticed I feel better. I had stomach aches frequently, and other tummy issues more often than not. Since I've started eating well and exercising, I haven't had a stomach ache at all (aside from being hungry... LOL). So there's definitely been some physiological changes going on inside... which I'm sure needs to happen before the outside changes.

Yesterday's Menu:
Breakfast: A smoothie (which I looove!) with strawberries, banana, peaches, and raspberries, low-fat vanilla yogury, 1 cup of cranberry juice (b/c I didn't have any milk), and a few ice cubes. Was really swamped at work, and did not eat my morning snack until 11:45 (bad me!), and I had an apple.

Lunch: Leftovers from Tuesday - 1 medium chicken breast cooked with olive oil, Italian seasonings, garlic, and lemon, and 1/2 cup of rice, and a handful of almonds.

Mid-afternoon snack: 1 small clementine

Dinner: Applebee's... see above...

Evening snack: A few spoonfuls of vanilla yogurt while I was prepping my smoothie ingredients for today since I was still full from dinner.

I'm hoping the good ju-ju will continue, and that I'm through the worst of the cravings and moodiness.

Til next time... :)


  1. I think you did great with Zumba, though! It kicked my tushie, too!! It may still seem hard now, but the more you your persevere, the easier it will become! I believe in you :)

  2. Ok sounds good . Inside changes are very important before anything changes outside! Exercise does creates a positive mental framework.Next time after the Zumba classes don't forget to eat and make up for the lost calories.:)
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