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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weigh-In #1

Hello Friends,

As I sit here sort-of watching the Steelers-Jets game (go Jets... anyone is better than Pittsburgh!), I should share with you my first weigh-in.

I actually weighed myself yesterday morning... approximately the same time as I did last week. And the result was (drum roll please).........................

I've lost 5.6 pounds! :)

That's a heck of a week... I just wish I could see the 5.6 pound loss.... *sigh* But really, I am pleased with my results. My goal was 1 pound a week.

Otherwise, I really have no new news to report. It was a terrible stressful end of the week at work. Friday was my cheat day and I really wanted pizza. So we went to Pizza Hut. Had wings and pizza and it was delicious!!!! I think this week's cheat meal is going to involve some kind of dessert.... I want me some chocolate!

Also, I discovered that TGI Friday's is not the best place for low-fat food. I would much rather go there and get what I want than stick to their fairly limited healthy selections.

Today's nom-nom tracker:

Breakfast: Bowl of bran flakes with skim milk and a banana
Lunch: Panera Bread... had 1/2 a tuna fish sandwich on wheat and 1/2 a Thai Chicken Salad w/ a whole-grain baguette. All of which were good and the entire meal was under 500 calories (Panera is listing their calorie count on their menus... yay!). The salad, however, was very kicky and spicy, and while it was good, I don't know if that is something I would get again...
Dinner: The Abs Diet Book had a recipe for a chicken quesadilla. I made it as the recipe called, but added tomatoes and some spices. Both Kurt and I really enjoyed it.
Snack: Will probably have some popcorn tonight.

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