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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 24: The Hardest Thing

... aside from missing pizza and chocolate... is exercising.

I knew it would be. I hate exercising. There's really no getting around it. I don't know if it's because I haven't found an exercise-type thing that I love, or whatever. The eating healthy thing doesn't bother me nearly as much as being like "ugh... I got to work out..." Granted, it's cold and snowy and being outside doing something might help... but since I'm several month away from that happening (Gotta love Ohio!), I have to figure out what to do in the meantime.

In my younger days, "exercise" consisted of dance classes, baton classes, being on flagline in high school, being on the dance team... stuff like that. The older I got, the less physically active I got (which I think happens for everyone). Now I am confined to a desk job, and the extent of walking I do is to get our mail, or go to the bathroom. Good times.

Thus far, I've tried Zumba (which I like, but being that my ass was entirely kicked, I think I am going to try it again when I'm in a little better shape), water aerobics (which is fun, but I could totally see how it could get boring after a while), using the Your Shape on the Kinect (I like the cardio-boxing on there) and my Dance Central game is fun, albeit not a huge calorie killer.

Also, one of my other problems is hours in a day. Next week, there are 2 plays I'm auditioning for at local theatres here in the Youngstown area. One of my other promises to myself that I made towards the end of last year was to find something I love to do. I have always loved theatre and acting and singing and I miss it terribly. I miss theatre-type people (and if you are one, you totally know what I'm talking about...). I want to give that a shot as well. However, I know that if I were to get casted in a show, they are very time consuming w/ rehearsals and what not. That will definitely start to conflict w/ working out. I know it's all about prioritizing, but I know I need something like that to do that will serve as an outlet as much as I need to do the healthy thing.

I guess I put this all out there looking to see if anyone has any suggestions for exercise they like to do. Here's some suggestions to help:

1. No boot camp/drill sergeant type things.
2. Keep in mind, I live in Ohio... I am limited to indoor activies for about 1/2 the year (little bit of an exaggeration... but not much...)

Today's Grub List:

Breakfast: 2 cups of coffee and oatmeal

Lunch: 3 garlic chicken spring rolls from Lean Cuisine (and they are AMAZING!), a diet coke, and a yogurt,strawberry, and granola parfait from Panera Bread (my favorites!!!). After which, I was quite full. Full enough to not need to eat an afternoon snack.

Dinner: Found a recipe in my Abs Diet book for a homemade pesto w/ almonds (called for walnuts... only had almonds... improvised!!), spinach, garlic, a little olive oil, basil, salt, and pepper w/ Barilla Plus penne pasta (best wheat-y pasta!) and a grilled chicken breast w/ some mozzerella cheese (didn't have the low-fat kind. Sad.). It was delicious! Kurt found it to be a little dry, but added a bit more olive oil and it was better for him.

Not sure what I'm having for my post-workout snack. Haven't gotten that far. Did my Dance Central game.

Until next time (which will probably be me posting my next weight check in)... have a good rest of the week, friends. :)

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  1. the only thing that has ever worked for me is actually going to a gym. i bought an elliptical one year and consistantly used it off and on but the only thing that has motivated me to working out hard enough to shed the lbs is the sense of community at the gym. maybe check into some beginner classes? also remember, the theatre thing will include dance and being more active than you would be normally at home so it'd be good for you no matter what:) keep up all the good work, girl!